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Police jobs in Pakistan

Police jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the department of police is very demanding. The Police jobs in Pakistan are preferred by the mass because of its great benefits. They “Police People” have great authorities and their reputation is concerned a lot. So, as a matter of fact, the police jobs in Pakistan are the core concern.

Questions regarding police jobs in Pakistan:

There are some questions which can enlighten the spark into anyone before joining the department of police.

      Why should we choose police irrespective of other departments?
      What are the benefits of choosing police jobs?
      What are its demerits?

These all are questions which would be discussed in this article.

Job Categories of Pakistan Police:

In Pakistan, the following jobs are offered in the department of police.

Senior Ranks

Inspector General of Police:

This is the person having the scale of 22/21. Abbreviations of IGP/PPO (provincial police officer)
He is basically the head of the whole department.

Additional Inspector General:

This is the person which has authoritative properties. But also for the assistance of General Inspector. Abbreviations for this personality are Addl.IG/CCPO. The scale for this person is 21.

Deputy Inspector General:

This is the person having the grading of 20 with most authoritative attributes. Abbreviation for this is DIG.

Regional Police Officer:

This is the person also having the scale of 20 but authority is great. Abbreviation for this personality is RPO. This person is bounded in a special region.

City Police Officer:

The name is also abbreviated as CPO with scale ranking of 20. This person is specified for one city.

Senior Superintendent of Police:

It is shortened as SSP and having a scale of 19. This personality is very popular among people.

Superintendent of Police:

The termed is shortened by SP, having a scale of 18.

Additional Superintendent of Police:

The termed is shortened by ASP having a scale of 17. But, is most common and liked by the people.

Deputy Superintendent of Police:

The termed is shortened as DSIP having the scale of 17.
The above-explained officers have following badges:

Police Jobs in Pakistan

Police Jobs in Pakistan

Junior Ranks

Station House Officer:

The name is shortened as SHO having a scale of 16. For every police station, the SHO is different.

Police Inspector:

The in charge or the commanding person of Police. The rank is 16.


The assistant for the inspector is termed as Sub-inspector. The name is shortened as SI, having the scale of 14.

Assistant Sub-Inspector:

For the assistance of Sub Inspector, the person is settled. The person is having the rank of 9.

Head constable :

The person is having the scale of 7.


The person is having the scale of 5.

Benefits of Police Jobs in Pakistan:

There are many benefits of having a job in the department of police. What are main and important are given below:
1- The Best Government job
2- Having the highest Salary
3- Having the medical assistance by department
4- Having the educational assistance by department
5- Having reputation and respect in society
6- Social welfare
7- Helping the others
8- Serving the nation at your best level

Drawbacks of Police Jobs:

As the benefits are explained this job also have some drawbacks. You can have the enmity with terrorist. It can provoke the sense of revenge also. It is full of danger job.


The Police jobs in Pakistan have both the benefits and drawbacks but overall it really is a sounding department. It can help in shaping the future of you and your country too.

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