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Chief Executive Punjab Bio Energy Tender Notice

Tender Notices

17 November, 2016

  Chief Executive  Punjab Bio Energy   Tender Notice

The Po* 8i0 Energy 0,an, tinted lP8E al has been alloroorated by Goat. of Punjab v.. Cocoa. Ordinance 1984 to establisn Nomass sipp, chain for power genera. projects.
• PBECt intends to holy a Duns, Collection Center at the following locafmns: 11 Near Khurrananmala.     
•Fanalabai Road (Kpproc eMlim5IMA Radius, for stooge of biomass. 21 Near SaeglabibIlinci 8hattian Road /nom.. within 5 KM Radius’ for storage cf biomass. 31 Near Omagh .d on Fasiotabad.thang Road ( Apprm. within 5 KM Radius, for storage of biomass.
•He Company Intent to purchase a pea cf land measuring 6-10 AGMS Mr.) at each location. Land Nan boundary wall will be preferred.
•Bid documents can be obtained from tl e office of Punjab bb :Dug, Company Pn,tiee bid,. ve Nuoemed to dr, their sad bids on before December 5″, 2016 .11100 A.M.  
•in the Ogler of Company .144, Nen fituslim Tann, [Adore. PBECI o ill not be responsible for ed, ‘KU, nay renal all the bids aubnet to relonat aro.isEon of FL,Lb Yto,ur,nrnt Kaki 2014.

  Chief Executive Officer Punjab Bio Energy Company 34- A, New Muslim Town, Lahore.